The Senate committee on oil and gas led by sen. Bassey Akpan embacked on an investigation tour regarding the $10.3billion completion cost for the Chevron Escravos gas to liquid EGTL in offshore Escravos Warri.
A joint venture project between NNPC and Chevron that converts natural gas to liquid fuel of Diesel, Naphtha, LPG and condensate. This project approved in 2001 with the EGP3 for $2.9billion was completed in 2014 at a cost $10.3billion by Chevron Nigerian limited. The CNL team led by the deputy managing director received an 8 men senate committee led by sen. Bassey Akpan, also in accompaniment was sen. Gbenga Aluko ( director government affairs) and other officials of CNL

The plant which is now functional is said to be the forth largest in the world with an interesting production process and a major foreign exchange earnings for the country. It is also a major flare out solution converting natural gas to foreign exchange earnings. According to Sen. Akpan “we will work to ensure that the interest of the country in this massive project is adequately protected for the benefit of Nigerians.