Earlier today,the leadership of NASELS (national association of students of english and literary studies) south south Region led by the Able Director ,Comrade Edidiong Ita met with the SA to the Akwa lbom state Governor on students’ matters
, Comrade Otobong Aquila to discuss issues that burder NASELS as a body and the need for Government to embrace NASELS as the most coordinated students’ body in Nigeria,the Director told Hon.Otobong(Aquila) that NASELS is the only students’body that has the intellectual capacity to promote intellectual activities amongst the students as we believe so much in the power of the pen.In her response,the Honourable Comrade received NASELS and accepted to integrate NASELS into the Udom Emmanuel led Government.She admonished the body to use their prowess to help the growth of the students community in Akwa lbom.She added that she would want NASELS to go deeply into developing the hidden talents in the students,for example,the writing culture that has died amongst students can be revived if NASELS is serious about their obligations, what about debates and other academic activities, the body can do a lot.
The Regional Director is very serious with the task of promoting NASELS NIGERIA and he needs our prayer.
On The person of The honorable SA to Governor,the Director can boldly say that AQUILA is the best that can happen to the students body now,with the plans she has for the students community now,not even Satan can blackmail her to failure. He therefore calls every right thinking student to support Government to succeed so that Government can also plan for the success of the students.