The protesters, who carried placards bearing various inscriptions, accused the Minister of not paying their allowances, and called for her immediate removal.

The Management of the Ministry has dismissed the agitation by the workers for 1.2 billion Naira payment, saying the protesters have no justifiable grounds.
In a statement, the Permanent Secretary, Mr Mahmud Isa-Dutse, said that the 1.2 billion Naira was an illegal payment that the workers have been receiving at the beginning of the year before now.
The Management further stated that the payment of the special overtime which the protesters were clamouring for was stopped by the last administration in 2014.
The protesters were restricted to the space within the Ministry and were not allowed to get to the road in Abuja.
Some of the placards with them read: “Kemi Adeosun must go”, “PMB agent of positive change, Adeosun agent of negative change”, “Adeosun score card is zero”, and “Inflation is 15% courtesy of Adeosun”.