This is ridiculous..!Policeman along Eket-Ibeno(Ebana by Peugeot Motors) apprehended the Victim(Alex)asking for Car particulars which he gave to the police officer for checking.After the Policeman realized that all papers are intact he posed a delay tactics to the Victim.
When Alex approached him that he has somewhere to catch,and the Policeman replied”And so?,you suppose know what to do nah!”
The victim considered how long he delayed him and hurriedly asked the Policeman to give back his Car particulars,with the annoyance of the Policeman he punched his head with Gun booth.
When the Policeman realized that Alex is wounded,he alerted the others and entered their Patrol Volvo and drove away.
This extortion of money is so rampant by Policemen on Eket-Ibeno Road users beware.

Source: Soso Connect