My attention has been drawn to a press release being circulated and alleged to have been issued by me. I like to state emphatically that I have not issued or authorised anybody to issue any statement on the nomination of Obong Nsima Ekere as MD NDDC. I couldn’t have done so for many reasons, some of which I’ll state here.

The first reason is that this nomination is not conclusive, as the senate must act on it. Any congratulatory message at this point is preemptive and premature. The text credited to me dresses the appointee in heavily borrowed robes, which can only be the handiwork of mischievous makers directly or remotely sponsored by the intended beneficiary.
Ordinarily there would not have been something wrong with congratulating anyone who is given an appointment, but for the person or his friends and ill minded followers to seek to elicit such through fraud and deception, is most condemnable and a pointer to the reign of fraud and deception that some characters inherently carry along and seek to display when opportunity beckons.
The appointment of an akwa ibom indigene into offices, especially those which are legally prescribed as ours, is a commitment that the PDP has sustained over the years, without failure. Even when the APC led federal Government introduced the current anomaly by appointing someone from Rivers state as a replacement(in acting capacity )to Sir Dan Abia, the state government protested, our party the PDP demanded a reversal and prayerfully awaited the return of sanity, even when the opposition party in the state kept mum.
While I reserve the other reasons, may I appeal to attention seekers and their paid mischief proponents to mind their business and keep the PDP out of their gamble.
Comrade Ini Ememobong
Publicity Secretary
People’s Democratic Party