With the appointment of H. E Nsima Ekere as the Managing Director of NDDC,let me be the first person to advise you that the battle for the soul of Akwa Ibom Hilltop mansion is getting messier.
It’s time to wake up sir. A careful study of your government in the last one years has shown that you have the zeal and the capacity to work for the betterment of our dear State but you have only succeeded as a technocrat and not as a politician.

You have performed 1001 ground breaking ceremonies, sir have you broken any elder statesman who did support your ambition initially? Am yet to hear even one. You have commissioned a lot of road projects,sir have you commissioned the streets? Incase you may not understand what I mean by the ‘ streets ‘ these are human beings who don’t work anywhere but are being fed by the proceeds from the government house either by commission or omission.

Sir I don’t intend to write a long essay but let me go straight to the point.
It’s only your government that the elders don’t have a stake,the youths don’t have a stake,the women don’t have a stake,civil servants don’t have a stake,the streets don’t have a stake,pensioners don’t have a stake. The only people who seem to have a stake in your government are the Lagos returnees who don’t even know how to convince their co villagers to vote because most of them are not even known in their villages.
There have been hunger in the land not because we are not getting allocation from the Federal government but because you don’t know where and where to put the money to get to their expected destinations. You appointed S.As and P.As and one years later they are still using keke to plaza to join bus to the government house to work. All your Commissioners apart from those returnees who followed you from Lagos are complaining,some of them can’t fuel their generators to have light at night one week after they might have collected their salaries while your selfish brothers and inlaws are throwing money around town on frivolities.
All the people around you are complaining inside of them but are sycophantly telling you that you are doing well.
It’s high time you knew that all those elders who don’t have a stake in your government,H.E Nsima Ekere knows them by name. That reminds me sir,sometimes in January you requested for names of 3 elders per ward to give them Interministerial direct labor jobs ,did you give such jobs again after the Supreme Court judgement? You didn’t give sir except you just gave an hour ago. They are waiting for you to call them for a meeting in 2018 so the can show you shege.
The leadership of the Youth Cacus and Youth Council you termed cultists and ignored them,Nsima Ekere knows them by name and having contested the governorship position before,he understands their language and these are the real owners of all the streets and their ballot materials.
Sir all those Commissioners you borrowed from Akpabio and starving them of money,Nsima Ekere knows them by name because they all worked in the same cabinet when he was their Deputy Governor.
Sir if it is true that the total yearly budget of NDDC is bigger than those of 4 States,it therefore means once H.E Nsima Ekere resumes as the MD and starts throwing around contract papers and physical cash,feeds those elders you believe don’t have value,touches those streets guys you call cultists,starts negotiations with your borrowed cabinet members who are hungry n poor about their future.
Sir before I end it’s wise to let you know that your government is the first government in Akwa Ibom State where core politicians don’t have a stake. You always say you don’t believe in appointment but you believe in empowerment,sir if I may ask in the last one year of your administration how many carrier politicians have you empowered? Sir your guess is as good as mind.
Sir if you don’t stand up and play politics with the power in your hands I advise you start preparing your handing over notes because 95% of people who voted for you in 2015 general elections voted for Gov Godswill Akpabio and it’s now time to work and earn your own votes as Sen Godswill Akpabio will be very busy in 2019 to go back to the Red Chambers or Aso Rock as Vice President.
Sir every government has two Accounts which are Income and expenditure,if you attempt to create a profit account for government it means you want to tamper with what belongs to the Streets and core politicians.
My governor it’s time to show workings as most of us will never suffer as we did in 2015 just for all manners so returnees from Lagos to come and feel too big as if you plugged the ticket from an ukana tree in Lagos.
It’s on record that Eket people don’t go for second term,if you like sir work and break the jinx but if you
 don’t like,yak aba

Source:Barr. Usenobong Akpabio