Pst Mrs Ubong Thompson
                                                        (Mma Shea Butter)
                                                        Director Dazzle Shea Butter Industries Limited

The first membership class in category A is called CLUB 50. To be a member of this class you need a capital of only Two Thousand Naira(#2,000) to buy one jar of NASPAN shea butter high quality and one thousand naira registration fee (#1000) , making it #3000 while aiming at a commission of #50,000
                                                               HOW IT WORKS
This scheme operates in two levels;

      1. Every one who joins the business under club 50 must buy one  jar  of  the shea butter and introduce 10 people to do same, once you have gotten 10 people who have join the business by buying one jar each, the company will return your initial capital of #2000 to you, so you have nothing to loose while waiting  for your commission of fifty thousand naira at th next level .
      2. Note the golden rule of this class; BUY ON JAR AND INTRODUCE TEN PEOPLE. At this point everyone at your first level is expected to obey the golden rule.  When they do so, you indirectly sell 100 jars of the product while the company pays you a commission of #50,000 at a  commission of #500 per jar. So( #500*100 jars = #50,000) .Its simple and straight.  Once you get your cash commission, the transaction ends there . If you want to continue with the scheme you have to enter afresh by buying one jar of the product and introduce ten friends. CLICK  Call Soso connect for more details  +2348061535860