What’s going on with our Calabar? Does it mean that the deployment of armed security personnel into every nook and crannies of Calabar by His Excellency, Governor Ben Ayade, is not working? Or the crime has come to stay without having an ending?

We’ve seen issues of dead bodies sprayed on the streets of Calabar in the last 3 months, and nothing has really changed. Some had remain there and deteriorate before the intervention of the government. It’s quite absurd as we now live in the society where lives are no longer safe, even after death, no one cares.
This woman was found dead lying at Sen. Bassey Ewa Henshaw Drive, Off UNICAL Hotel Road in Calabar Municipal Council of Cross River State and nothing has been done about disposing the body. For our notice, the woman should be at her 20-40s if we can probably guess. Her body has swollen in that no one could barely recognize her face and whole body.
When a good Samaritan and definitely a resident of the area contacted Calabar Reporters on Sunday, the 7th of August through our social media channels, our correspondent went there for clarification and identification, and fortunately he found the body still lying by the road side towards the second quarter of the entrance of the street. The smell alone didn’t let him get closer as he took live photos of the decease which is being shown inside this post.
Meanwhile, interacting with the residents of the area, our correspondent discovered that most of the residents has left their houses due to the fear of the danger being posed by the dead body. The smell and also the insecurity made many to vanquished from the area. None of them agreed to respond to an interview with our reporter due to fear over security issues. It might be that the lady or woman was either going or coming back from Church as we found alongside a Holy Bible with a red scarf lying by her side.
This report is to foster or bring to the notice the ministry responsible for taking care of issues like this to look into the matter as well as dispose the corpse and guarantee safety so as the residents can return to their homes. See more photos after the cut

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