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The Commissioner for Finance, Akwa Ibom State, Mr Akan Okon says that, he is solely focused on helping his boss, His Excellency, Governor Udom Emmanuel to succeed in implementing his profound vision for Akwa Ibom state, insisting that, the governor’s success will make him a fulfilled aide.

Mr Okon who spoke to newsmen at the Ibom International Airport, was reacting to reports making the rounds in some section of the local media, that, he was defrauded to the tune of 23 million Naira by a former council chairman, who he is alleged to have engaged to build political structures for his alleged 2023 Governorship ambition.
The Finance Commissioner who maintained that he will not be distracted by those who were trying to blackmail him or drag him into a political mud fight, reiterated his loyalty to Governor Emmanuel, who he commended for exemplary, people oriented leadership and as the best hands to manage the state in the current recession period the Nigerian economy is going through.
Mr Okon stated that, he was well aware of the ulterior motives of those behind the mudslings targeted at his person, but urged them to retrace their paths and engage in more upright ventures so as not to fall into the pit they are digging for others.
Also responding to a inquiries on his relationship with Senator Godswill Akpabio and fellow cabinet members, Mr Okon dismissed as untrue, baseless, and a figment of the troubled imagination of detractors, rumour of a spat between him and the Senate Minority Leader.
The former banker who oversees the Finance Ministry said, he will remain eternally grateful to the former governor of Akwa Ibom State, Senator Akpabio who appointed him a Commissioner and stressed that, there is no conflict whatsoever between him and Senator Akpabio or his brother Commissioners for that matter.
While reiterating his commitment to serving diligently with the fear of God, Mr Okon said it was only by God’s special grace and the magnanimity of Governor Emmanuel, that he was reappointed the Finance Commissioner, and the weight of expectation is therefore, not lost on him.
He sued for total support from all well-meaning citizens for Governor Emmanuel, who he said, means well for the state and appealed to those who were hell-bent on spreading false alarms and trying to score cheap political points with blackmail to desist from it, as it is morally reprehensible to engage in what he described as tarbrush politics. He also noted that it was unfortunate that some people rose to the top echelons of political apparatus at the state and Federal levels through blackmail, disloyalty and other shenanigans ; even against their benefactor! Such people who benefitted from clandestine and evil machinations in the past should not be positively rewarded going forward.
Commenting on the Economic recession, Mr Okon said, Akwa Ibom is lucky that, God put her in the safe hands of an expert finance manager, wealth creator and proactive investment guru in the person of Governor Emmanuel, and assured that, Nigeria will come out of recession stronger