After Drake professed his love of Rihanna to the entire world, he’s now doing everything he can to show her that she is officially his one and only. has learned EXCLUSIVELY that he’s given her his phone password to prove he’s completely done with other women! Keep reading for more ways he’s letting her know how special she is.

Drake‘s given her the code to his phone to show her that he’s not hiding anything and to gain her trust. He’s agreed to always be available to her, to listen to her and understand her feelings,” a source tells EXCLUSIVELY. Now that they’re officially dating, the 29-year-old rapper is doing everything possible to put his player ways behind him and this sounds like the perfect way to prove to RiRi he’s doing just that!

The world collectively celebrated when Drake professed his love for Rihanna, 28, at the VMAs, and while those words are HUGE, he knows that telling her how he feels isn’t going to completely be enough. “Even though he says he loves her relentlessly, he knows actions speak louder than words. He’s being 100 with her and reassuring her that he wants to be exclusive with her by killing his old ways,” our insider adds.

That is such a perfect way to make  RiRi feel secure about their relationship after years of being just hookup pals. They already have so much love between them as well as friendship that becoming exclusive was their last big hurdle. Now that they’ve finally gotten there after all these years, we can’t wait to watch as they start building an amazing life together. Matching tattoos were just the start folks, as these two should be giving us romance goals for a long time to come!