The question of what age is proper to get married has been a pending debate in modern times, even though, in ancient times a lady is considered old enough for marriage as soon as she hits puberty.According to some marriage experts, getting married between the ages of 28 and 32 could place you on a safer side and help you maintain a healthy marital status; couples who fall within this age range are likely to enjoy a successful marital status based on their level of maturity, financial stability, goals reached and experiences.

Study has also shown that within this age range, “there are fewer hormones that mask true feelings” and the couples would also find it easy to adjust their lifestyle so as to be able to accommodate their spouse.

Notwithstanding, couples who get married above this age range are likely to have set their ways without placing in view the success of their union while those who fall below the age range are focused on getting public approval of their union on social media and could have issues maintaining their marital status for lack of enough experiences, maturity and financial instability.

Nevertheless, I’m of the opinion that having to get married has little or nothing to do with age; age they say is just a number, whatever age it is that you might be, be sure you are matured enough for marriage and that you have all it takes to maintain and make your marriage work out, no study or proof from experts is enough to tell you what is best for you, you cannot move on the pace of others; remember, we’re simply created unique in our ways.

 If you’re certain that you’re making the right decision, simply go ahead, you cannot live your life based on the circumstances of people around you, be focused on making things work out in your marriage, yeah, there are challenges, no marriage is perfect but developing a positive attitude and commitment in  your  marriage would keep you going.

Be sure you understand your significant other and you can make compromise for each other’s sake, communication is also paramount in making your relationship work out, rather than panic at the rate of divorce around you, focus more on giving your best in your marriage.

Let the love you both have for one another and the trust you have built together overtime keep you both together and you will be amazed at the life changing experience marriage is about to put you through.