Dazzle Shea Butter industries Ltd has been at the fore front of Shea Butter business in Nigeria for the past three years, making very strong and visible impact in the South-South. She is a member of NASPAN (National Shea Products Association of Nigeria) which was inaugurated by the Federal government in June 2012 to oversee the entire Shea butter industries in Nigeria.

Dazzle Shea Butter industries Ltd has reached a point which the efficacy of her products has been confirmed, proven and she can afford to hand over distribution of her products to a few people who will control the finances but she has discovered a current need in the country in the area of unemployment, poverty, financial hardship etc and has decided proffer solution to this present need.
INDIRECT MARKETING EMPOWERMENT SCHEME (IMES) is the solution to this present needing the society. This scheme ensures that everyone who partakes in it enjoys the profits that would have been accrued to just few distributors.To register in IMES or For More information,please visit the website.www.dazzlesheabutterltd.org/
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