Alisha Berry, the US model who starred in Flavour‘s latest music video ‘Obianuju‘, has told Pulse that the award-winning singer is not her type of man.

When asked by Pulse if she thinks Flavour is sexy she said:“I must say Flavour is a handsome man, as you can see from the attention and love he receives from women but he’s not my type.

Alisha BerryAlisha Berry

Flavour’s new video ‘Obianuju‘ quickly trended on social media largely due to Alisha Berry‘s appearance in the music video. Quite a number of people highlighted her sexy body in the music video.

You cannot help but wonder about the on screen chemistry of Flavour and Alisha Berry in the video but the video vixen says the connection they had was just part of the job.

Photos from Flavour's 'Obianuju' videoPhotos from Flavour’s ‘Obianuju’ video

Being that it was my first time meeting Flavour I would have to say it was very similar to the chemistry I have with most artists/singers I work with. I’m booked to appear in the video, this is my job. However, I must say it’s always nice when working with a team who again was such a pleasure working it” she stated.

Photos from Flavour's 'Obianuju' videoPhotos from Flavour’s ‘Obianuju’ video

Alisha Berry who revealed that Flavour is the first international artiste she has worked with said appearing in his video was a lovely experience. “Working with Flavour on his new video was actually pretty good! I don’t have any complaints, him, his team, as well as the director Patrick Elis, were all very patient and amiable” said the model.

Photos from Flavour's 'Obianuju' video

Apart from modelling Alisha Berry, the lovely model spends a lot of time in the gym and is a certified health coach. She also says she is a full-time student and is working towards her degree.