This is just too awful to be believed! A Virginia mom has been arrested after leaving her three kids under 12 at home alone for five days as she ran off with her boyfriend to party in Mexico. Keep reading for the heartbreaking ordeal that she put her young ones through.

OMG, this is just crazy. Aida Stovall, 30, of Henrico, VA has been busted after doing the absolute unthinkable. She intentionally left her 11-year-old and eight-year-old twin daughters totally home alone as she jetted off to Cancun, Mexico for a romantic vacation with her boyfriend. She didn’t bother to get a sitter, find a relative to watch them, nothing! The only way that her totally reprehensible act was discovered was when Aida’s oldest daughter revealed to her grade school principal that their mom had left them alone for three days. That is SO sad!