Oge & Obinna: A Messmerizing Engagement Story

A traditional wedding involves so many different people and cultures coming together for the purpose of starting a family.

Before deciding to solemnize their union in a couple of days, Obinna and Oge had steadily grown a relationship for 4 years.
“I first saw her in the bank during her NYSC days. I didn’t walk up to her then, but I felt a slight strike in me. The next time I saw her was on a flight back from Dubai. While I was on a business trip, she was with her family on a vacation. It was at this point we exchanged contacts and the rest is what we have today”.
“Being a very creative lady, we shared my office together, built life and business together. Strangely, we strongly noticed we were meant for each other. That is destiny,” Obinna reminisced. “We’ve remained the best of friends since then.”

It has been quite an eventful period with Obinna. Getting to understand and manage him during courtship and of course he got me into his business. So it was like reading two books at the same time; ‘knowing Obinna in the office’ and ‘knowing Obinna out of the office’. However, what we’ve both realized is that we are making good progress together,” Oge exclaimed.


Obinna: Funny as it may sound, I planned it all out not telling her anything. We made a trip together to Lagos where I intended to propose to her in an open environment. I ended up not doing that because I was a bit shy and didn’t know where to start from or how to go about the whole process. Finally, I bursted the bubble while when we retired indoors. Hmmm! That was a whole lot easier.

Oge: I didn’t see it coming. I felt it was just one of those Valentine spoils we get from our boyfriends. He took me out and trust me, I didn’t know what was running through his mind. When we got back from the outing, he then threw the big message on me. I was lost at some point and immediately burst into tears of joy.

It’s only fitting that such a lasting relationship included a romantic pre-wedding photos and the pair have decided to concretize their union:
on 21st January 2017
at Jonathan Nnabuihe’s, Oboh_Isiala, Mbutu, Aboh Mbaise L.G.A Imo State

Friends and wellwishers are all invited.

Seeing how lovely their pre-wedding pictures are, we can’t wait to find out how beautiful the couple will be on the wedding day.