Yes the birthday of the former commissioner for women affaires had come and gone,but the news about the event lingers in the mouth of many, amongst the students in the university of uyo campus, their hostels and hang out joints.

“It was such a wow event, she is such a woman of class and standard, i coudnt believe she is 43 but she looks 30, hmmm she is blessed by nature” these and many more comments re-echoes amongst the students especially the females.

According to some of them who must have known Mrs Thomas in her active political days, they kept wondering, how come she is not very active in the political scene yet was recieved much more than some present commissioners? Then it is clear that her anticident is still speaking. No wonder she is a great mentor to many Akwa Ibom youths and mothers, no wonder she is devoted to capacity building in the life of many Akwa Ibom youths.

Honorable Mrs Eunice Thomas will be remembered not for any other thimg but her efforts towards the building of Akwa Ibom women and youths, she is a true mentor.