Hon. Mrs. Eunice Thomas Speaks

Hon. Mrs Eunice Thomas #TVS

“The world will need to recruit 25.8 million school teachers to provide a primary education by 2030” Hon. Mrs Eunice Thomas. 

This and more forms part of the speech that propelled stakeholders in akwa ibom state education sector to adopt Teachers Volunteer Scheme(@TvsAks) as the only workable plan to salvage the falling standard of education in Nigerian public schools, taking cognizant of the deplorable state of the country’s economy.

“I see TVS fitting perfectly into the united nation plan of work, as such the scheme will draw funding from the UN and other international donor groups”.-Dr Val Attah

“Teaching is the sum total of all professions”-TVS

“It’s the responsibility of all of us to teach our children, we should encourage children who show signs of creativity.”-TVS

Politicians are interested in the next election but TVS is interested in th next generation” – Hon. Mrs Eunice Thomas

Hon. Mrs Eunice and Dr. Val Attah #TVS
Education Stakeholders, Akwa Ibom State
Akwa Ibom education summit



  1. To complement the State Government’s quest for quality education.
  2. To address existing vacant positions in public schools in Nigeria.
  3. To provide person-to-person teacher and student exchanges, and quality educational opportunity for the less privileged.
  4. To provide employment opportunities, sustainable empowerment and to assist reduce the increasing rate of unemployment in the country.
  5. To prepare, and endow with requisite experience, Volunteer teachers as a reservoir for future recruitment by the public or private education sector.
  6. To assist teacher deepen quality teachings in school system through enhancing interpersonal experiences for students, and ensure quality communication skills.
  7. To increase children’s motivation for learning through initiating creative student-centered pedagogy.
  8. To assist control the high level of school dropout by providing supplementary instruction such as, but not limited to, tutoring/mentoring.
  9. To build and understanding and further strengthen mutual relationship between education stakeholders, not limited to student parents,private sector, organization, donors and the community for quality education