11 cars
23 mini buses
3 Speed Boats
10 Tricycle Trucks
19 Generators/Hair dryers
38 motorcycles
26 sewing machines
20 Barbing Sets with generators
11 deep freezers
3 Big Generators
1 grinding machine
N300,000 to 6 clergy men
5 welding machines
5 vulcanizing machines
N20,000 bags of cement gift to one beneficiary
N40,000 student education support to 19 persons.
N20,000 business support to 19 members from Esit Eket youth council/caucus.
N20,000 business support to 17 members of Ibeno Youth Council/Caucus.
N20,000 business support to 50 Esit Eket women.
N20,000 business support to 50 Ibeno Women.
N500,000 gift to Esit Eket Forum of Village Youth President (42 persons).
N400,000 gift to Ibeno Forum of Village Youth Presidents (33 persons).

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