ONE thing remains a mystery to man, the ability to know the future. Pundits, scholars and philosophers submit that the best way to predict the future is by creating it.

Spiritualists and those believed to carry the auction to see beyond the natural and also do the supernatural, sometimes fall short of the assessment by the ordinary and natural men.

All owing to the fact that only but very few men can peep into the future.

Ibeno Local Government Area was created in some 22 years ago,
but 22 years before the year 1996, such assertion would have been seen to be a mere wishful thinking or blabbing.
That was the event of the future unknown to many.

Here is the good news,

22 years so far have been characterized by constant growth and achievements in Ibeno.

22 years now have been that of political, social, economic, educational, and manpower renaissance.

22 years have also given birth to the biggest industrial revolution ever seen in Akwa Ibom State.

With hands on our chest, we can boldly affirm that our contributions to the growth of the state has no perfect second.

A peep into the future gives a glorious feeling:

Seeing a five star hotel and many other recreational facilities in the bank of Ibeno beach and its environs, is the future.

Seeing ExxonMobil and all multinational oil companies operating in Ibeno Local Government Area, situate their headquarters in the area, is the future.

Seeing the above companies live and do more businesses in Ibeno, is the future.
Of cause, we have shown understanding with them even in the mist of their shortcomings, and we are willing to do more.

Seeing the companies adhere strictly to the international standard practices by ending sporadic gas flaring, is the glorious future.

Seeing multinationals pay cogent attention to the yearnings of their host communities in terms of employment and cooperate social responsibilities, is the future.

Seeing the state government pay due attention to the area in terms of appointments, infrastructural projects and proper political inclusion, is the future.

Welcome to the new Ibeno, the glorious future awaiting us.

Come, Live and Invest in Ibeno.

Cmrd Victor Ibok

Special Assistant On
Media And Publicity,
To Executive Chairman
Ibeno Local Government Area.


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