Ibeno Local Government Area, is one of the 31 local government areas in Akwa Ibom state with unique features. She is wonderfully blessed and endowed with enormous potentials.

Over the years, Ibeno Local Government Area has been the life wire of Akwa Ibom States’ development and Nigeria at large, but her position as a leading local government area in the aspect of mineral resources, tourism potentials and aqua culture has been underestimated.

#ProjectNewIbeno seeks to change the age long narrative about Ibeno as a local government area with little or no recognition in the scheme of things both in the state and the nation at large.

It seeks to restore the dignity of the Ibeno man and to bring about a psycological renaissance amongst the Ibeno nation.

#ProjectNewIbeno also aims at marketing Ibeno Local Government Area as a brand that is of global importance in the tourism, oil and gas and aquacultural sector. All the aforementioned is capable of making a remarkable impact in the economy of the local government, state and the nation at large.

We therefore call on Ibeno citizens all over the world to be part and parcel of the #ProjectNewIbeno.

Welcome to the new Ibeno of our dreams.


Cmr.Victor Ibok.                                              Special Assistant on Media to Executive  Chairman Ibeno Local Government Area

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